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We’re a sister duo helping New York to look and feel its best with eyelash and microblading artistry. With more then 6 years of experience in NYC’s best eyelash extensions salons we’ve developed our unique techniques that give our clients the best desired results! Our goal is to provide our clients with amazing experience, make them feel confident about themselves 24/7 and make their makeup routines easier every morning and evening as well as enhancing their natural beauty! It’s such a pleasure to see a client smiling, when she looks in the mirror after her appointment. Book your appointment to make your beauty goals a reality! Truly yours,
Olga & Kseniia

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I’ve been Olgas client since 2015 and couldn’t be happier with my lash artist. She is such a sweet person, the environment is very calm and tranquil. I enjoy every appointment with her whether if it’s chatting or napping. Her skills are one of a kind, she always slays my lashes each and every time. I’m always complimented on how phenomenal my lashes look. I highly recommend Ooh My Lash if you’re looking for a lash artist who is incredibly talented and professional.
Amazing experience! I finally found the perfect lash extensions and a perfect talent tech. I love my lashes! Thank you Olga and Kseniia!
Olya is one of a kind. I have been using Ooh My Lash for every two to three weeks consecutively for the past 2 years. Olya never fails to tell me how my real lashes are doing making sure my every need is tackled. I wear volume lashes of the longest length and the quality is outstanding. Not only do I reccommed be my lashes to family friendship coworkers, people have stopped me dozens of times for me to give them her contact. My highest praise is that my lashes last in the shower, with makeup remover, and have withstood the winds while I was swimming and jet skiing in Mexico on vacation and my lashes still looked FLAWLESS. Her work is worth every dollar. Her shop is clean and beautiful and I know my eyes are safe in her hands. You will not be disappointed. I recommend you book In advances because she has become Brooklyn’s best unkept secret. Had to share as I love coming to see her regularly.


Here you can find
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common questions.

Eyelash extensions are becoming a must-have in a beauty industry and many of you are thinking of adding it to your beauty routine, so we made a research and answered some of the most popular questions about eyelash extensions to help you in your decision!

Does it hurt to get eyelash extensions done?

If eyelashes are applied correctly they shouldn’t hurt! Make sure you go to a trusted lash artist for your lashes. Your artist should have a Cosmetology or Esthetician License and have Certifications of one or more reputable courses as this will ensure your Lash Artist will know about isolation and weight of lashes and not going to damage them or hurt you. Before applying eyelashes Lash Artist should put an eye gel pads under your eyes to protect your bottom lashes and skin under eyes.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Usually your eyelash extensions going to last as long as your natural lash does. Bond time of most of the adhesives goes from 4 to 8 weeks. As you know your natural lashes have growth cycles that’s why it is normal to lose 3 to 5 lashes per day. This is the reason why a fill is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks.

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

I eyelash extensions do NOT damage your natural lashes when it is applied correctly by a certified professional. It is very important that your lash artist apply extensions to only one natural lash and knows what appropriate weight and length should be applied in order to not damage your natural lash and keep it healthy. In Oohmylash we follow all the rules of proper eyelash extensions and always care about the health of your natural eyelashes.

How do I prepare for my eyelash appointment?

Before your appointment try to come without any make up on your eyes. 24 hours before your appointment don’t wear mascara, try not to use any oily products around your eyes and don’t curl your lashes. This will help us to save more time from your appointment for lashing.